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Pressure Care



We can help with the prevention and management of pressure injuries.

A pressure injury (pressure ulcer) is an injury to the skin and underlying tissue, mainly caused by prolonged pressure on the skin. This can affect people with an impaired ability to reposition themselves, including people confined to bed or who sit in a chair or wheelchair for long periods of time.

Our experienced occupational therapists are highly skilled in helping to prevent and manage pressure injuries.

We keep up to date in evidenced-based approaches to ensure we offer the best available care and guidance. We may recommend a multi-disciplinary approach to your care, working with your medical and allied health providers to implement solutions.

Pressure injury prevention and management under the care of our Occupational Therapists may involve:

Risk Assessment To Identify Contributing Factors To Developing A Pressure Injury

Providing Mobility And Repositioning Plans

Providing Appropriate Support Surfaces And Assistive Technology (Equipment)

Providing Specialised Pressure Redistribution Surfaces (eg. Alternating Air Mattresses)

Providing Education And Training For Caregivers In Prevention And Management Strategies

Collaborate With Your Medical And Allied Health Providers Or Link You To Suitable Professionals