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To join the NDIS, you need to meet access requirements. If you usually need disability-specific support to complete daily life activities you may be eligible.

To help the NDIA decide if you’re eligible, they need to know your functional capacity including where you need more help.

They get this information from the evidence you provide in your NDIS application. This is called supporting information.

What supporting information do I need?

The NDIA requires good evidence of your disability to help determine your eligibility. They say good evidence is:


Completed By A Treating Health Professional Who Is Relevant To Your Primary Disability

Confirms Your Primary Disability

Confirms The Impacts Of Your Disability On The Different Areas Of Your Life

Describes Previous Treatments And Outcomes

Describes Future Treatment Options And Expected Outcomes Of Those Treatments

Primary Disability Refers To The Impairment That Has The Greatest Impact On Your Daily Life

Develop Abilities Occupational Therapists are trained and experienced in functional capacity assessments and reporting for NDIS access.

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