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ADL Assessment +

Skills Building


Develop Abilities Occupational Therapists are experts in delivering ADL assessment, training, and therapy to help build your independence and skills in everyday activities.

Daily living skills that can be enhanced through Occupational Therapy include:


Including being understood in spoken, written, or sign language, understanding others, and the ability to express needs. We work with Speech Therapists to ensure holistic care.

Social Interaction

Making and keeping friends, interacting with the community, behaving within limits accepted by others, and the ability to cope with feelings and emotions in a social context.


Understanding and remembering information, learning new things, and practicing and using new skills. Learning does not include educational supports.


The ability of a person to move around the home and community to undertake ordinary activities of daily living.


Activities related to personal care, hygiene, grooming, feeding oneself, and the ability to care for one’s own health care needs.


The cognitive capacity to organise one’s life, to plan and make decisions, and to take responsibility for oneself. This includes completing daily tasks, making decisions, problem solving, and managing finances.